Heir of breath
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Kyoukai No Kanata Favourite Moments: EP 01 || 02

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Do you ever start a series and the entire time you’re watching the first episode you have your eye on that one character?


That one.

I want him.

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Sunday nights are the worst you go to bed with that horrifying feeling of impending doom like “I’ve got a whole fucking week ahead

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THE MAKING OF Anaconda Swim Club

It’s even funnier because Rei said he’d start eating the bread from it’s rear end.

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relationship goal: a relationship

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I text back embarrassingly fast

or three hours later

there is no in between

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Monday: •╭╮•
Tuesday: •╭╮•
Wednesday: •╭╮•
Thursday: •╭╮•
Friday: •_•
Saturday: •◡•
Sunday •_•
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Today’s Gender of the day is: Business.

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reminder that interracial relationships can exist without white people

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Does anyone else have that ship that’s just like “dont talk to me about that ship if you mention it i will cry and scream and rewatch the series that it’s from and then cry even more and you really don’t want to see that.”

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Everyone is now banned from Tumblr




thank god

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Forgive me.

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